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Merchant Solutions



Checks put through our system are processed like credit card transactions. Therefore, employee training is simplified and banking procedures are streamlined; saving time and money since you are no longer required to deposit checks. 

A paper check is converted into an electronic transaction at the Point-of-Sale. The transaction information is routed through the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) and automatically debits the checkwriter's account while crediting your account. 

Each transaction is guaranteed, regardless of whether the funds are available in the checkwriters account.

mail / telephone order

For merchants who accept mail, telephone and fax orders, Meridian Star Merchant Services offers the Check By Phone program which includes check guarantee assurance. 

Check By Phone allows you to accept instant guaranteed checks for phone, mail and fax orders. This gives your customers another payment option when making a purchase. 

You will avoid loosing a sale since 50 million Americans do not have the ability to obtain a credit card.

internet / e-commerce

Meridian Star Merchant Services offers Check By Net service for its ever expanding base of merchants doing business over the World Wide Web. Check acceptance is becoming a large portion of the billions in sales over the net. 

Check By Net gives our web merchants the ability to accept check payments on-line in a secure and easy to use format. Customers of a merchant's website can select the Check By Net option for payment and proceed to fill out a "cyber check". The check is approved and guaranteed. 

The merchant can print out the heck at its location. Imagine having the benefits of check guarantee in a secure internet environment while giving your customers an additional payment option, available 24 hours a day.

Accept Debit Cards & EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfers) Cards:

If you are a retail establishment or a restaurant, debit card acceptance is a simple alternative to credit card acceptance. 

With debit card processing, every transaction is tied to a checking account. 

There are no chargebacks, no buyer's remorse, no bounced checks, and most importantly, you pay no discount rate!

    • Flat fee per transaction
    • Cashback feature for your customers
    • Debit card acceptance from any bank in the United States



Retail & Restaurant Merchants (locations where card will be present 75% of the time) - "Brick & Mortar" locations remain the foundation of the American economy and an essential component of Meridian Star Merchant Services' business. Although the bakery on the corner may have a different electronic processing need than a five star hotel, one thing remains constant: all businesses need a streamlined system for collecting funds in a fast and efficient manner. Meridian Starprovides each and every customer with a payment processing system unique to their requirements.

  • Low rates
  • Visa®, MasterCard®, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club and JCB acceptance
  • Immediate application approval
  • Compatibility with all major Point-of-Sales (POS) systems
mail / telephone order

Meridian Star offers a multitude of payment processing options for Mail Order/ Telephone Order businesses. 

From terminals to state of the art software that interface with most accounting programs, we are committed to bringing your business the latest innovations in electronic payment processing.

  • Low rates
  • Multiple hardware & software options
  • Fraud protection features
  • Address verification service (AVS)
  • Single or multiple user programs
  • Database programs for installment billing
internet / e-commerce

The Internet is rapidly becoming the preferred medium of commerce for merchants all over the United States. Meridian Star Merchant Services offers complete Internet solution, from web design and web hosting to authorization settlement. Whether you are starting a new business on the Internet or expanding your current operations into e-commerce, Meridian Star has a whole array of programs customized to your business needs. We will work diligently to ensure that all your e-commerce and Internet needs are fulfilled.

  • Low rates
  • Secure, encrypted processing
  • E-commerce hosting
  • Web design
  • Multiple software program